Sculpture, paintings


Sculpture, paintings


About Me

Nothing for sale here.
Art is not a "hobby" for me nor a recreation . It is one of my ways to express things that are deeply in me and can only get out like that. I discover the final form they take after their completion, petrified just after their birth. Art has allowed me to push the walls of my inner prisons and gradually I have discovered the pleasure of happy living.
When I am happy I don't produce anything, thus my creations lead to their own destruction and, in the same time, reveal me the beauty of life.

Un peu de baratin

l'art pour moi n'est pas une démarche de loisirs ni de "passe-temps", mais un moyen d'exprimer des choses ignorées qui sont en moi et ne peuvent sortir que sous la forme finale que je constate une fois réalisée, comme si elles s'étaient, sitôt révélées, pétrifiées.
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